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We are wholly flexible and enjoy working on all types of project. AndAction Projects work to date embraces the full breadth of Arts Activities, for example organising workshops to creating exhibitions, music events, films and stage productions. We can work on any time scale required from initial planning to final execution. We also act as consultants for other practitioners and project workers. Documenting, monitoring and evaluation of each project is embedded in our practice. The majority of our work is community or education based, and we aim to ensure the best fit of the project to client needs.

Here and Now

Using a soundscape paricipants explore the developement of urban and rural Norwich.Ulitlising the resources of  The Bridewell museum at Norwich and the Gressenhall museum at Dereham they found out about the stories of the dreaded workhouse through to the tales of the farmers market.   

Julian Housing Film Project

A core group of the Julian Housing Drama project asked if we could run a film based project. The project was very much led by the participants. We created a storyboard which followed the life of an Ancient Egyptian cat who then re-incarnated several times through history, ending with the kitten of one of the participants. Norwich Museum offered us the use of the Egyptian Gallery and Castle Keep, as well as the World War 2 display, so we were able to film on location as well as our base room. We held a premier of the film for friends and family with a launch party !

Julian Housing Drama Project

We were asked to create a series of workshops that would engage clients of Julian Housing in drama related activities. Our participants in this project had a range of mental health issues, and our aim was to increase confidence, communication skills but above all to have fun. We used a different area of interest each work including soundscapes, poetry, improvisation, script work, and ended up writing a melodrama which we then filmed. The project ran over 8 weeks

Forest Heath Project

We were asked to come to Forest Heath Primary School in Brandon and develop a performance celebrating diversity. Pupils had already made huge colourful banners which were created using panels of collage. Each panel was an image of a family from the school, and an indication of how the family had come to the area. The school had also produced a book including all the panels plus poetry and prose written by the children about their journeys. Our role was to work with the children using song, dance and drama to create a final performance which was shown to the whole community. We used harp, piano, and percussion to accompany the show, and worked with the school over an eight week period.

Top Time

Working with Aldeburgh Education Dept, we arranged a series of recitals in libraries at Lowestoft and Felixstowe.. harp and flute, solo cello, Celtic harp, recorders and voices, piano solo and Cello/piano duo.
After each recital we ran workshops exploring the towns through word and sounds. The final product was a soundscape of each town in words, music and sounds using percussion and samples.

The Secret of the Sea Star, and the Sea Poppies Mystery

Two musical plays for children, commissioned by Southwold Summer Theatre. Script and music by Xenia Horne, performed over a fortnight at Southwold and Aldeburgh Summer Theatres for audiences 3 - 10 years old. Each piece is 45 minutes long, contains 8 songs, and the company consisted of two professional actor/musicians and two young performers. The stories are both set at the seaside and under the sea where Ellie (aged 8) meets a host of magical creatures.

Teen Ages Project

The project was part of the Creative Change programme working with Norfolk Council, Broadland Council and the Broadland Older Peoples' Partnership. Working with a team of visual, animation, film makers and exhibition designers we created workshops where ten young people and ten older people worked together for six months, exploring teenage life past and present forms. The resulting exhibition toured to schools and day centres. We ran workshops at each venue developing the themes of young and old, stereotypes, and gangs.

Sweet Dreams

A short film made by a group of six girls aged 11- 14 who were involved in one of the Theatresports groups. AndAction facilitated the project, and prior to the film being made we ran workshops on film making, from creating a basic story board to creating the ideal shot . The project ran over eight months and was very much led by the participants. We filmed on location in Suffolk.

R Time

A short film exploring the use of R Time as an anti-bullying strategy. This was used at the Anti Bullying Conference held at the John Innes Centre in 2006.

Eaton Hall Film Project

Eaton Hall School asked us to work with them to make a film about bullying. We started with improvising scenes from which the participants created a story line which we then filmed. This film was also used at the Anti Bullying Conference and we ran a workshop at the school, post conference exploring the impact of bullying and ways of stopping it.


We have run several projects with young people both in Norwich and Suffolk, developing the improvisational based Theatresports. This is a way of animating and energising any age group and developing excellent communication skills as well as raising confidence. We have also organised a Grand Theatresports Playoff where twelve teams from Norfolk and Suffolk came together to show their skills to a large audience and celebrity judges.

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